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Call for abstracts – Canadian Society for the Sociology of Health

Call for Abstracts for the session “Contemporary Issues in End-of-Life Care” at the Canadian Society for the Sociology of Health Fifth Biennial Conference

Conference date: May 5 – 6, 2016.

Conference location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Abstract submission deadline: December 4, 2015.

Language of the session: French and English (abstracts in either language are welcome).

Session Description:

Contemporary end-of-life care is continually evolving since the emergence of palliative care in the 1960s. Various new actors, institutions, and discourses are entering the scene and remaking the field in unexpected ways. At the same time, scholars are paying increased attention to myriad ways in which end-of-life care is enacted, both within and outside of settings more typically associated with health care. Policy makers too are increasingly motivated to pay greater attention to end-of-life care due to the aging of the population and increased public interest. For this session, we solicit papers that speak to the various contemporary experiences, changes, conflicts, and successes in the practice of end-of-life care in Canada and elsewhere, in clinical/hospital or other settings. While we welcome theoretical papers, we are primarily interested in papers that build upon empirical data that can make a unique contribution to the social study of end-of-life care. The goal of the session is to have a productive interdisciplinary discussion on end-of-life care; as such, we welcome contributions not only from sociology but also from other social and health sciences disciplines such as nursing, education, bioethics, anthropology, geography, and others. Abstract  should include objectives, background, methods, findings and conclusions.

Abstract must be submitted online:

For questions, contact either of the session organizers:

Hadi Karsoho (

David K. Wright (

For more information about the conference visit:

New publication!

Kelly Kilgour, a founding member of the NPCREU and current doctoral candidate in the Faculty of Education, has just published a paper in the Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing about the experiences of family caregivers transitioning a patient from home to a palliative care unit.

Full citation:

Kilgour, K.N., Bourbonnais, F.F., & McPherson, C.J. (2015). Experiences of Family Caregivers Making the Transition From Home to the Palliative Care Unit: Weighing the 2 Sides. Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing, 17, 404-412.  doi: 10.1097/NJH.000000000000017

From the abstract:

“The purpose of this phenomenological study was to examine family caregivers’ lived experiences of transitioning a patient from home to a palliative care unit. Ten in-depth interviews were analyzed using Colaizzi’s approach. […] The findings reflected family caregivers’ recent experiences in the home, during the transition, and on the palliative care unit. […] In the home, participants felt honored to provide care but also encountered difficulties, such as accessing resources. Being on the palliative care unit, the provision of care from knowledgeable health care professionals was a relief. However, participants felt like a “guest” because there was little control over the environment. This study raises awareness for health care professionals and family caregivers regarding the process and challenges of providing end-of-life care to patients over the illness trajectory.

Congratulations Kelly!

Palliative Perspectives – April 2015

Graduate Research Seminar

The NPCREU hosted its second Palliative Perspectives Seminar on April 28th, 2015. Dana Forozeiya, NPCREU member and Masters of Nursing Science student at the University of Ottawa, presented on her research: Critical Care Nurses’ Experiences of Advocating for Patients when Faced with Moral Distress.

Dana is co-supervised by Dr. Brandi Vanderspank-Wright, NPCREU Co-Director and Dr. Frances Fothergill Bourbonnais, NPCREU Co-Founder and Professor Emeritus at the University of Ottawa. Click here for an abstract of Miss Forozeiya’s presentation.

Palliative Perspectives


The NPCREU hosted its first seminar, Palliative Perspectives, on February 9th 2015. Palliative Perspectives is a new forum for graduate students, faculty, and clinicians to come together to discuss and debate ideas in palliative and end-of-life care. Anyone is welcome.

Manuel Zimansky, NPCREU member and PhD student in nursing at the University of Osnabrueck (Germany), presented on his PhD research: Approaches to family nursing in oncology: an international comparison. Click here for an abstract of Mr. Zimansky’s presentation.

Palliative Perspectives

(Left to Right: Drs David Wright and Brandi Vanderspank-Wright, NPCREU co-directors, Manuel Zimansky, speaker, and Dr. Thomas Foth, NPCREU senior member and Mr. Zimansky’s thesis supervisor).

Mark your calendars! The next palliative perspectives seminar will be Tuesday April 28th 12pm-1pm, in RGN 3035. Our speaker will be Dana Forozeiya, who will present her ideas for her master’s thesis research.