Trainees – Masters

Jodi is a registered nurse with over 10 years of acute and community perinatal and neonatal nursing experience, including obstetrics and the neonatal intensive care nursery. Her masters thesis research focuses on perinatal palliative care.  Jodi was one of the Perinatal Hospice Coordinators at Roger Neilson House, a pediatric palliative care facility in Ottawa. She currently works as a perinatal nurse at Centretown Community Health Center in Ottawa, within the Primary Care and Early Years programs. 

Jodi Ouellette

Jamie Anne is a registered nurse passionate about the provision of family-centered pediatric critical care. Her research interests include pediatric resuscitations, nurses’ experiences caring for critically ill and dying children, family post-intensive care syndrome, and posttraumatic stress in healthcare providers. For her master’s thesis, she is investigating the lived experiences of nurses resuscitating children in community hospital emergency departments. Jamie hopes to contribute to a body of knowledge that will support nurses caring for children with critical illness in a variety of settings.

Jamie Anne Bentz